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Sally Darley

English Elocution Consultancy


Coaching Your Staff to

Sound Professional


Chinese pupils say they enjoy working with us


Services to

Chinese People


English Elocution Coaching


We are expert in

helping Chinese people to speak

clear English


China is one of the world’s big players


In all fields her wealth of expertise is in abundance!


China produces some of the most accomplished people on earth.

Therefore, today, in science, computing, engineering and business we see a healthy, global connection of the world’s Chinese experts. British universities and businesses are employing Chinese experts who must speak the global business language:



Why Coaching?

Although most Chinese academics and professionals who work in Britain and the U.S. today will probably have a good understanding of written English, to communicate successfully, on an international level, they must speak English clearly.


It’s Like Learning the Flute!

For some, to improve their spoken English, the discipline required is like learning a musical instrument- practise, practise and practise!



As word gets out about our successes, Sally Darley English Elocution Consultancy is commissioned by university deans and by international business leaders to coach their Chinese staff.


No one said it would be easy!


Fear not!  We are expert at helping Chinese people to speak English and it’s enjoyable, too!


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