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Sally Darley

Elocution Consultancy


Coaching Your Staff to

Sound Professional





Services to Private Individuals


We run private coaching on a one to one basis from our studio in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire.

Following private assessment, we offer either training for a half day 3 hours or a full day as required. Here, the pupil is taken through a full process of development from vocal warm ups to anatomy for speech and exercises and coaching practices.


Sound Recording Services Available

Professional sound recordings of the sessions can be supplied to gauge the progress made over time.


We recommend at least one session per month, but the arrangements are tailored to individual requirements.

Weekly one hour sessions are available for pupils who live within easier travelling distance. Here the pupil makes progress over a period of six weeks by learning and practicing – very much like learning a musical instrument.

Weekly homework is provided. 

Sessions are designed for the individual’s requirement.




Recording Studio and Producer


Our professional in – house recording studio is an asset to all pupils as they listen to the qualities and progress made. On location sound recording is also available.


The customer comes first and we aim to please!